Bel Mondo Home Health Care Services                                                                           
We will make your world wonderful

Bel Mondo Home  Health Care services LLC
   We will  make your world wondeful                                        NJ,NY,PA ,CT 

We will make your world wonderful

Many years of experience by working with different people in different countries give an idea to educate and provide for people  information and practical knowledge about HOW BETTER take care of loved ones in situation when need from somebody help to continue live.    
In every our case we asking our providers of Home Health Care to do individual approach how to do active live style even with bedbound situation and miracle has been happened  !! 

Our First Employee

Of course It is Me, Svetlana Vivolo founder and co-owner of our Company , with medical background education , who dedicate my live to Help elderly ,injured and disable people ,who needs be helped in live difficult situation.
30 years of extensive experience
and endless love to people give to me right to  do what I do

1,000 Happy Customers

In different states and countries saying THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
for our way Help for families and patient How to be Happy and how to extend years of be around   with love ones